[KOMU] 360 Politics: DACA recipients still playing the waiting game

I teamed up with KOMU reporter Jessica Porter to create this 360 piece. I filmed, edited and produced this 360 story. Jessica's web story can be read here. My semester-long capstone project worked with KOMU and Berlin-based company Fader to see how 360 stories could be integrated into a local television newsroom.

[KOMU] Head for the Cure 5K Walk/Run

I filmed and produced the below 360 story to accompany KOMU's coverage of this event. The web story can be read here.

Below are 360 photos I took as part of my internship for The Original Tour in London, July 2017. These photos are used on the company's social media platforms.

Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye // July 2017

Approaching Piccadilly Circus // July 2017

The Royal Courts of Justice // July 2017

March March in 360 – True/False Film Fest 2017

Experience the March March in 360. The March March is a parade of marchers, musicians and eclectic costumes. The march is part of the annual True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Mo. I filmed and edited this video with Sarah Sabatke, and it was published by Vox Magazine. See the full story here. (1:50)