As a supervising producer for Global Journalist, a TV/radio show on international issues, I pitch show ideas, conduct background research, search for guests around the world, pre-interview guests, write web content, create photo slideshows and graphics used during the shows, as well as create content for social media. I also guide assistant producers in production of shows and liaise with the managing editor. Below are shows I helped produce.

Europe's veil bans target Muslim women [Sept. 28, 2017]

Since France banned women from wearing veils that covered the face in public in 2011, a growing number of European nations have passed similar restrictions. Belgium, Bulgaria and Austria have passed similar so-called "burqa bans," while Germany, Switzerland, Norway and other countries are considering such legislation.

After World War II, Japan adopted a constitution that formally renounced war or maintaining military forces. In the years since, Japan has bolstered what it calls its "Self-Defense Force." The SDF is a military in all but name, but Japan has refrained from using it to fight in foreign conflicts. 

Recently an international cricket match in the Indian city of Delhi had to be temporarily halted in the middle of the game for an unusual reason. The cause: air pollution levels were so high that a top player for India's opponent, Sri Lanka, began vomiting on the field.

Trump's Islam rhetoric tested NPR reporter Khalid [Dec. 21, 2017]

This special edition of Global Journalist featured an interview with journalist Asma Khalid, one of the 2017 Missouri Honor Medal recipients. As a producer on this show, I completed background research, wrote interview questions and created photo slideshows to be played during the show.

Those who listened to NPR's coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign regularly heard the coverage of political reporter Asma Khalid. During the race, Khalid distinguished herself for her ability to blend interviews with voters with the use of data to illustrate Americans political views.

North Korea women's rights [Jan. 4, 2018]

North Korea's human rights record is among the worst in the world. But women in North Korea face particular challenges. North Korea is a patriarchal society and the man has long been seen as the head of the household and the chief decision-maker for the family.

Brazil prison conditions fuel gang crisis [Feb. 1, 2018]

Back in January 2017, Brazil experienced a wave of massive and grisly prison riots. More than 130 inmates were killed in a few weeks in fighting between rival gangs. Many of the of the dead were decapitated or mutilated, and pictures of their bodies were posted on the internet by other inmates.

Japan's #MeToo movement [April 19, 2018]

I pitched the idea for this show, conducted background research, as well as helped guide assistant producers in finding guests. I also helped write the anchor script.

The #MeToo movement has spread from the United States to other parts of the world as women have increasingly spoken out about sexual assault and sexual harassment. One country where it has struggled is Japan, where discussions about sexual harassment and sexual assault remain highly taboo.