"Truck stop chapels provide place of worship for truckers"

I pitched and wrote this story about an organization that allows truckers to find religious community while on the road. Published in print and online in the Columbia Missourian. See accompanying video I produced here.

This story was picked up by the Associated Press. Scroll through below to see the different news outlets across the country that published it, and click to see the story on their sites. 

"Special Olympics athlete goes beyond the lanes"

I reported on this story for the Columbia Missourian with Sarah Sabatke. I wrote the text piece, while Sarah produced the video.

Index on Censorship: "Corruption report sends Maldives' journalist into flight"

I interviewed Zaheena Rasheed, an exiled Maldivian journalist, about the downfall of press freedom in her home country, and why she chose to leave. My original article published by Global Journalist was picked up and republished by Index on Censorship.

"The Quorus: Voices spread a message of social justice"

I profiled the director of the local LGBTQ+ choral ensemble, finding out the inspiration behind the choir's founding and what it means to her.

"Islamic dress debate provides fodder for artists" 

I interviewed three artists who incorporated the hijab, niqab and burqa in their works.

"Drawing Japan's politics, from Seattle"

I interviewed American newspaper cartoonist Roger Dahl about what it's like creating comics for a Japanese audience.

"Photographer spotlights India's air pollution crisis"

I interviewed photographer Melanie Dornier about her photo series that seeks to raise awareness about India's air pollution problem.

Teaching From a Place of Love (profile feature)

Click here to read my profile feature on Robert Battle, vocal music specialist at Lange Middle School.

Corporate sponsorship material

I wrote the following "cheat sheet" and infographic during my internship in Melbourne, Australia. 

Click here to read the cheat sheet I helped write about improving cashflow in a business. 

Click here to read the infographic I wrote covering Collis Ta'eed's tips for beginning a successful startup.